To round out season 2 for the season finale, Krysti talks all about the Lord of Isengard, the Head of the White Council ...  We will be taking a break...View Details

Game Dev in Middle-Earth

Krysti is fresh off the plane from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, so it only makes sense that she should unleash some of her takes o...View Details


Gríma, called (the) Wormtongue, is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. He appears in the second and third volumes of th...View Details

Panic! At The Shire

The Scouring of the Shire was an event that took place in the Shire at the end of the War of the Ring, and was the only time the Shire was attacked du...View Details

Hey! Cool Sword! Sting

The history of Sting begins millennia before The Lord of the Rings and most of it in fact belongs to the First and Second Ages of Middle-earth.  Check...View Details

This is probably THE most titular question in the Tolkien universe. So naturally, Krysti climbs into the belly of the beast to talk about why the fuck...View Details

Elven C*m Rag

We are once again entering the Horny Hobbit Zone with a reading of some erotic, and we use that term loosely, fanfic. A perfect holiday greeting from...View Details

Stay Out of the Water

What do we know about The Watcher in the Water? Not much, honestly, its another aspect of Tolkien's world left to be vague, whether that is by design ...View Details

Girlboss: Ungoliant

Krysti highlights yet another metal AF character in Tolkien's world, Ungoliant. Fuck yesssss. Also, YHMS has a Ko-fi page now so donate or subscribe t...View Details

Big Tiddie MorGOTH gf

Krysti and Behemoth the cat chime in with strong opinions on Morgoth. We truly didn't realize how many pet names Morgoth had (?!) Hold your pet of cho...View Details

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